Your donations have helped the 'Olla Comun' team purchase a much needed industrial oven!

Your donations are really making a difference to hundreds of people in Santa Cruz- Bolivia, part of your donation has helped purchased an industrial oven, which they said they never thought this could happen, given both the cost and the difficult logistics in purchasing an industrial equipment during curfew in Bolivia.

The 'Olla Comun' (common pot) in the Plan 3,000 in Santa Cruz Bolivia have started baking break for entire neighbouring communities, most recently, baked delicious cakes as a small token for Mother's Day in Bolivia last 27th May. A full report on donations made will be made public in due course, at present we have allocated all donated moneys, delivery of funds is slightly tricky given the curfew in the country and scarce money remittance pick-up points available during Covid19.

Next donations:

1) Olla Comun in Isla del Sol, La Paz, Oruro and Beni (worst affected area with Covid19)

2) Family of young girls that committed suicide given the stress they felt by experiencing hunger and extreme poverty during Covid19

Please keep your donations coming- million thanks from Suma Qamaña UK & Wiphalas across the World team

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