Updated: Jun 29, 2020

ManifiestoBolivia_June2020 (English)
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Press Release



The Wiphalas Across the World Manifesto (Wiphalas En El Mundo -, issued by Bolivian communities in

Europe and the rest of the world, receives growing support from prominent figures on the

European political spectrum, including Jeremy Corbyn MP, former leader of the Labour Party,

internationalist Spanish judge Baltazar Garzón, Maïté Mola, vice-president of the United Left (PIE),

Jean Ziegler, advisor to the United Nations Human Rights Council and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, French

national deputy, president of the parliamentary group of France Insoumise.

The Manifesto denounces the systematic repression of the Bolivian people at the hands of the de facto and racist government of Janine Añez, which is directed against the indigenous movement, particularly indigenous women, rural campesinos, workers, social, neighbourhood associations and other organisations.

These attacks have the function of preventing Bolivians from exercising the sacred right to express opposition to the de facto government's brutal program of neoliberal counter-reforms, which seeks to demolish all the conquests of the MAS-IPSP governments, and which has already set Bolivia back decades.

The Manifesto also highlights the sinister and systematic judicial and police persecution of the MAS-ISP party with the unspeakable aim of making it illegal and thus preventing it from participating in the elections scheduled for September 6, 2020. The de facto government is also trying to postpone the elections in order to perpetuate itself in power in the same way it appropriated it: undemocratically.

The Manifesto calls on public opinion worldwide to demand that the de facto government respects the sacred constitutional principles on human rights, such as the right to freedom of expression, opinion, organization and political mobilization, and adherence to due process in the judicial sphere; the cessation of the criminalization of individuals and organizations for their political and ideological beliefs and convictions; and finally the holding of free, fair and transparent elections, which is the unique function of the transitional government of Añez.

To add your support, please send a confirmation email with details of how you want us to publish your support in the manifest. Please provide your full name, title or role to

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